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Battery To Battery Chargers

Basic Description;

Charge a second battery from your starter battery without discharging the starter battery. 

Easy to fit!

With this new and innovative product you can charge a second battery from any other battery, no matter how the primary battery is charged (engine, generator etc.). At the same time the unit makes sure your primary battery is not discharged. 

Ideal for bow thrusters, motorhomes etc.


For a more in depth description of the B2B unit click here

Order Code - MLE00171
12V in, 12V out @50A

Order Code - MLE00175
12V in, 24V out @50A

Order Code - MLE00176
24V in, 12V out @30A
Ideal for large commercial vehicles (Buses etc) utilising 12volt equipment

Order Code - MLE00179
24V in, 24V out @30A


Battery to Battery Charger with Hook-up Charging
Using Sterling's Battery to Battery charger is probably as simple as it gets. There's no need for anything additional, as the B2B unit does it all. The unit detects when there is spare power (when the engine/alternator is running), and uses that spare power to charge the house/second battery at the correct voltage and rate. What could be simpler? 

It's worth pointing out that the B2B unit will not drain the starter battery, as it effectively relies on the surplus power of the alternator to charge the second battery, so you'll always have power to start your engine.

Having installed a B2B unit, then installing one of Sterling's Pro Budget battery chargers to the main starter battery, will give you dual battery charging capability. The mains battery charger will charge the starter batter, the the B2B unit will detect spare charging capacity, and use the spare capacity to charge the house/second battery. This set-up will also allow you to use 12 volt appliances whilst on hook-up.

The B2B is quite and advanced unit and although described in its simplist form above, its quite advanced. For a more in depth description of the B2B unit click here


Link to the Pro-Budget chargers



This remote control gives active information on the L.C.D. display such as alternator voltage, battery voltage, alternator temperature, battery temperature, set up details, time remaining on high charge etc. This unit not only displays all the fault conditions but also gives a detailed text scroll on the screen about the faults and what to do. Thus, ensuring on- hand information in the case of a problem. Even with the advanced regulator being switched off, a voltage display and alarm function is still in operation, making the unit useful at all times. A simple plug-in lead ensures simple plug and play operation.
The clever case design can either be panel mounted, flush mounted or surface mounted.
  Remote switch on/off
Battery Monitor Alarm on/off xxx

Background light on/off

Under-/over voltage warning
Battery voltage
Alternator voltage
Selected battery type
Charge mode and time
Battery temperature
Alternator temperature
LED: System OK
LED: System fault
LED: Alternator overheated System on hold until temp. decreased
LED: Under voltage warning
Help text in case of fault condition
Size: 170x90x40mm
Weight:  0.5kg
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Order Code: MLE00150