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Do you have a semi air suspension kit for this vehicle? Make: Mercedes Model: euro sprinter 316 tdi Year: 2005 Conversion: Rapido A class 962m Body: Coach Build Brakes: Yes My Vehicle Has ABS Brakes Springs: My Vehicle Has LEAF Springs On The Rear Axle


The job normally takes around 2 - 3 hours, but can be more if a Camping Car Kit (CCK) needs to be fitted.
Before proceeding any further, I need to know if your vehicle has already been fitted with a CCK. Without a CCK its not always possible to fit the Airide kit. The CCK basically comprises of a spacer between the rear axle casing and the leaf spring as shown in the photos below.
merc spacer
A - spacer B - 35 - 40mm (1.25" - 1.5")
If your chassis has not got the above, there won't be enough room for the Airide, so will need one fitting.
If you can check your axle for me, then if the CCK is absent, I'll investigate the Firestone price for you.
Dunlop now have suitable kits for your vehicle

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