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Can you supply a semi air suspension kit for my vehicle please? Make: mercedes Model: sprinter 312 Year: 97/98 r reg Conversion: van conversion Body: Std. Van Body with MH Conversion Brakes: My Vehicle Has NO ABS Brakes Springs: My Vehicle Has LEAF Springs On The Rear Axle

I can supply an Airide kit for £435 (Autumn 2007) inc shipping & handling and vat (BTW my price is cheaper than going direct to Airide). This kit would also include a gauge and valve assembly for the cab. However with the Airide kit when used with mass produced motorhomes, you will need to check to see if the chassis has been fitted with a 'camping car' kit (CCK) as shown in the following photo
which consists of a spacer block and new U bolts. This kit would be £150. Its worth pointing out that I have not come across a motorhome without the CCK so far.  Some vans (not motorhome conversions) without the CCK may still be okay without the CCK. To establish this, I need the measurement from the top of the bump stop to the axle.

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