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Hi,I have the fiat elddis autostratus 1989 and have been told by MOT examiner my rear suspension is on the bumpstops,the rear axle does not seem to have springs but its alco (AL-KO?) chassis and the suspension units have grease points as the back I think is the indespension type, is there a air kit to fit on this chassis, hope you can help, many thanks, Make: fiat Model: ducato Year: 1989 Conversion: elddis Axle Shape: Round Rear Axle Wheels: Single Rear Wheels Bump stop shape & Fixing: Don\'t Know Body: Coach Build Brakes: My Vehicle Has NO ABS Brakes Springs: My Vehicle Has INDESPENSION Springs On The Rear Axle

Basically you need to get the torsion bars changed as they've obviously gone weak or seized through lack of greasing (comon problem). I've had nothing to do with AL-KO suspensions other than taking note of other peoples experiences with them, so can't offer any further advice.

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