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I'm looking for a air suspension kit to kit my 2002 Mercedes Sprinter 412, can you help please?


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry

The cost for a basic kit including vat and delivery for your vehicle is £553.53 inc vat & delivery, as shown here -

The above kit is the basic kit and includes everything to fit a basic semi air suspension kit to your vehicle which includes bolts, nuts, air-lines inflation valves etc. There is no compressor included with the basic kit. All you need to provide is the tools.

The general layout is shown below.

Basic gauge kits can be supplied for the above kit at a cost of £67.82 including vat and delivery, they are shown here - (only one gauge kit will be required).


For a more advanced option on a basic gauge we can offer a twin gauge and compressor set-up, this is priced at £325.77 as shown here -

Delivery is usually around 5 working days but this does vary.

The above prices are for parts only (no labour for fitting), VAT and delivery is included.

The amount of lift these kits is dependant on the load carried and how stiff the existing suspension is, so I've attached a sheet explaining how to get an estimate of what lift you may get. The leaflet relates to an AL-KO suspension, but its still relevant to your vehicle.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Steve Monkley


Prices correct February 2012

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