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Are Sportscraft swivel plates as secure and rattle-free as the other make you supply? I like the idea of the off-set. By how much do these swivels raise seat height & will driver's seat clear steering wheel when turned? Make: Fiat Model: Ducato Year: 2000 Conversion: Auto Trail Body: Coach Build Brakes: I'm Not Sure What Type Of Brakes My Vehicle Has Springs: My Vehicle Has LEAF Springs On The Rear Axle

Both makes of seat swivels we stock are crash tested an comply with all safety standards including the stringent TUV safety tests. They are both designed for seats where the safety belts are attached to the seat, rather than the weaker swivels where they are only suitable for seats that have the belts secured to the seat box. They are also rattle free, and do not need any re-adjustments to take up any slack. The both raise the seat by 30mm. I'm not sure about the off-sets of the Sportscraft being enough to rotate the drivers seat fully without touching the wheel as I've not had any feedback on this, I know the FASP ones won't. Thinking about this, we have certainly sold less snap-off kits since we've been selling the Sportscraft units, though this may be just coincidence.

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