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I want to have front seat swivel plates. Mercedes state there can be problems with the electrical wiring if swivels are fitted after leaving the factory. Can you help please. This would apply to a new van

I think Mercedes are a bit like Fiat etc where they'd prefer you to buy their seat swivels, hence their remarks.
All the swivels we sell have large enough holes in the centre to enable you to un-plug (after disconnecting the battery of course) any cables going to the seat (for safety belts, heating pads, air bags etc.) then fitting the swivel and seat in place and then threading the largest plug through first and reconnecting everything. It sometimes helps to do the threading before the swivel is finally bolted in place, as access can be tight. You may have to do away with some of the cable ties etc. to allow plenty of freedom for the cable when the seat is rotated, as you need to avoid the cables going tight or being strained when the seat is being rotated. The swivels won't allow you to rotate more than about 350 degrees, thus no danger of the cables being 'wound up'.

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