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With regards to split charge diode, what does 1 in 2 out or 1 in 3 out mean?

The 1 in 2 out is how the split charge diode would be wired. So 1 in 2 out would be one alternator with two batteries (isolated from one another). A 2 in 3 out would be used where you have two alternators (two engines on a boat) feeding up to three isolated battery banks. So a 1 in 3 out is one alternator with three isolated battery banks.
If you fit a 1 in 2 out and disconnect one battery bank, do ensure the 'flying' battery lead from the diode is insulated to prevent it touching anything. It will be dead when the engine is not running, but you'll have sparks everywhere if left flopping around when the engine is running.

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