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I have a twin battery system with a split charge diode already fitted. Because of the voltage drop across the diode the batteries are not being charged fully I need a management system. however i am concerned about the rewiring of the alternator easy is this, how many wires etc, do I need to. What connections are required to the alternator? The alternator is standard for the car model (but uprated) for the model with a 3-pin connection What system would you recommend? Make: Land Rover Model: 90 Year: 1987 Conversion: n/a Axle Shape: Round Rear Axle No. Wheels: Single Rear Wheels Bump stop shape & Fixing: Two bolts Body: Standard Van Body Brakes: My Vehicle Has NO ABS Brakes Springs: My Vehicle Has COIL Springs On The Rear Axle

You basically have two options.
1. Retaining your split charge diode you could modify your alternator to use a smart regulator like this;
I have installed the above system, but not on a Lucus alternator, which I expect is what you have. This project can be seen here -
2. Remove the split charge diode and restore the main cable from the alternator back to the original battery, and use a battery to battery charger detailed here - and wired as shown here (but without the mains battery charger).
For simplicity and reliability I'd run with method number two, but on a cost basis run with method one.
The above circuits can be seen in full here -

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