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Hi. I've had a quick look at FAQ's but I can't find quite the right answer. I've just fitted a split charger relay to my camper, and I'm confused! The wiring diagram showed one wire to the main battery, one to the leisure battery, one to the coil and one to earth. But after running the 12v fridge for a day off the leisure battery it killed it (the leisure battery that is). I thought that driving the van would charge it up again but it didn't! Someone told me that it should not be wired to the coil but wired to the alternator (which makes sense). I'm just suprised that the supplier of my split charger could be so wrong. I've had a look on your wiring diagram but that seems to talk about going to both the coil and the alternator. Could you please advise me as I want to rip it all out and throw it in the bin!! Make: VW Model: Camper Year: 1976 Conversion: Westfalia Body: Std. Van Body with MH Conversion Brakes: My Vehicle Has NO ABS Brakes Springs: I'm Not Sure What My Rear Springs Are

You'll find various circuits for split charge circuits here -
You mention a coil, now is that the magnetic coil of the relay, or your high voltage ignition coil?
The split charge relay circuit basically connects your starter battery to your second battery when your alternator starts producing power. The switch contact of the relay are what are used to join the batteries, then the coil of the relay is wired from the positive terminal of the battery on one side of the coil, the other side is then connected to the alternator side of your charge indicator light on the dash.
To check the above circuit, to see if its working. Disconnect the link cable off the second battery and connect a 12volt lamp to it, and the other side of the lamp connected to earth or the negative terminal of the battery. With this done, start your engine and the lamp should light up, if not you have a wiring problem or the relay is not being activated.
If your looking for a more efficient charging system use a split charge diode (second drawing down on the above linked page). Its far more reliable than any cheap relay.

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