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I'm looking to source a splitcharge diode and am looking at your MLE00068. its for a pal who is installing a 110amp leisure battery in a self conversion volkswagon T4 would that be the best one . it will power only a water pump and a couple of lights. Oh and does the installation instructions come with it or is it as simple as the diagram makes it look.(I'm not all that good with electrics)look forward to hearing from you, we will purchase on your recommendation,

I think you may be able to use a smaller diode. Basically their size is based on the maximum power of the alternator, rather than the battery capacity. Once you have correctly sized up your diode, you can add any amount of batteries. The vehicle handbook may give the alternator output in Amps, if not, let me know more details of the vehicle (year, engine size etc.) and I may be able to look it up for you.
A very basic way to think of the diode and alternator size, is to relate them to water. Lets assume a water spring is the alternator which produces 100 gallons an hour (or 100 amps per hour), so lets assume there is a tap controlling the flow of water from the spring to a tank, this represents the diode. Basically the tap needs to be capable of handling the total water flow from the spring to the tank, otherwise you'll encounter problems. The tank is capable of taking 100 gallons per hour, however if you installed a tap which is too small, this would restrict the flow. In the case of a diode, it would over heat with being over worked, then fail.
The diodes do come with a drawing, however the terminals are marked with something to the effect of Bat 1, Bat 2, Alt 1.

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