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I am converting my van at present and I have come accross the Sterling products (via the SBMCC forum) as a good sounding alternative to a standard split charge relay. My power usage will be modest but as we are planning a long trip with long stays in various destinations and don't want to be reliant on hook-up or having to drive long distances to charge leisure battery bank (2 x 12v 110ah lead-acid). During driving we need the alternator to charge the Liesure batteries (LBs) as well as run the three way fridge at 12v. Also I am fitting a 75W solar panel with a charge regulator, this will be charging the LBs during daylight. My queries are - will a Sterling 50A (amps in) battery to battery charger (order code MLE00171) be suitable to charge my LBs? Can this also be used rather than a seperate split charge relay for the fridge power whilst driving? Will the input to the LBs from the solar panel have any impact on the functioning of Sterling B2Bs operation?

You will find various circuits here -
The 50A B2B unit is a very good route to follow for your project, then you can also add further sources of power later on (solar panel with charge regulator). This can be connected direct to the house batteries. Whilst the engine is running, it may be best to divert the solar panel power to the starter battery, as it may fool the B2B unit in to thinking the house battery is charged, then drop off the rate of charge.
Regarding the fridge, this can be connected direct to the house battery and not use any additional relays.

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