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The information here is trivia, and just for fun and information

What's a Marcle? We haven't a clue, neither has Google!, Though there's a village called Little Marcle down the road.  Wikipedia has some links which can be found on their site here

Why Marcle Leisure? Basically we're from a villages called Much Marcle in Herefordshire, but only just as we're just over the boarder from Gloucestershire, and about 9 miles or so from the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. Then the other way is the Welsh boarder. So in relation to the rest of the UK we're south of Birmingham. North of the M50 motorway. Over the boarder of Wales in the bottom right hand side.

The village of Much Marcle itself has plenty to offer. Just outside the village is Hellens Manor House which dates back to the 12thcentury. Visitors can view both the house interior and the beautiful gardens. Hellens also hosts numerous craft fairs and other events and even has its own 19th century cider and perry mill, still in use today www.hellensmanor.com
Much Marcle is also the home of the still family owned Weston's Cider. Weston's Cider is just twenty minutes walk or five minutes drive out of the village, Weston's offers tours of its orchards and cider mill, including free cider tasting! For more information, please visit www.westons-cider.co.uk
To celebrate this abundance of cider, the village also holds an annual Big Apple Festival. These are normal around the middle of October. More information here www.bigapple.org.uk
In the grounds of the village’s 13th century church, St Bartholomew’s, visitors will also find one of the oldest Yew trees in the UK. Believed to be over 1500 years old, the tree stands at 30ft 11ins wide (measured April 2006).
For more information about the village of Much Marcle, including places to eat, local accommodation and places to visit, please visit www.muchmarcle.net
Many photographs of Much Marcle and surrounding villages can be seen here - www.geograph.org.uk

How do you pronounce Marcle? Perhaps we should have spelt it Markel Leisure to make it easier! Well we heard some nice ways of saying Marcle, some sounding a bit French even, however its pronounced Mark-el, MARK as in the name Mark, and EL as in hell without the 'H'.

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