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Cable 4mm Single insulated, Multi stranded, Red (sold by the met

[Order Code:MLE01057Red4]

Cable 4mm2 Single insulated, Multi stranded, Red (sold by the metre)

Tri-Rated Switchgear Cable. This cable is very suitable for environments subject to vibration, like vehicles as its more flexible than 'normal' switch gear cable, due to its many strands

A plain copper multi-stranded conductor covered with a Red PVC sheath.

Nominal Cross
Sectional Area of Conductor
Nominal No. & Diameter
of Wires
Radial Thickness
of Insulation
Nominal Overall Diameter Maximum AMPS Approx AWG
mm˛ mm mm mm
2.50 50/0.25 0.8 3.70 30 14
4.00 56/0.3 0.8 4.40 41 12
6.00 84/0.3 0.8 4.90 53 10
10.00 80/0.4 1.14 6.50 75 8
16.00 126/0.4 1.55 9.05 100 6
25.00 196/0.4 1.55 10.55 136 4
35.00 276/0.4 1.55 11.90 167 2
50.00 396/0.4 2.05 14.75 204 1
70.00 360/0.5 2.05 16.55 259 2/0
95.00 475/0.5 2.05 18.75 321 3/0

If you wish to carry carry loads than the rated capacity of this cable is rated for, it is possible to double the cable runs to double the current carrying capacity.

We stock suitable crimps for this cable.

If you know the lengths of your cable runs and the crimps you wish to use, we can crimp them on to the cables for you. Otherwise you'll need a heavy duty cable crimper, or a very large (100's of watts) soldering iron to attach the crimps to the cable.

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