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Window Fittings


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    Product Name+   Price   Our Order Code 
 Turnbuckle Keep   Turnbuckle Keep

£2.92  MLN073012 
 Turnbuckle Striker Plate   Turnbuckle Striker Plate

£3.18  MLN073008 
 Window Catch Grey   Window Catch Grey

£10.58  MLN074560 
 Window Catch Kit   Window Catch Kit

 Window Catch Single Point   Window Catch Single Point

£10.58  MLN074561 
 Window Gasket Rubber 5m   Window Gasket Rubber 5m

£58.80  MLN073052 
 Window Stay Klick Klack 350/400 3pcs   Window Stay Klick Klack 350/400 3pcs

£12.23  MLN0040014 
 Window Stay Klick Klack 400/460 4pcs   Window Stay Klick Klack 400/460 4pcs

£13.21  MLN0040016 
 Window Stay Klick Klack 500/580 5pcs   Window Stay Klick Klack 500/580 5pcs

£15.09  MLN0040018 
 Window Stay Lh/rh 180 Mm To 350 Mm 2 Pcs   Window Stay Lh/rh 180 Mm To 350 Mm 2 Pcs

£20.58  MLN0040004 
 Window Stay Lh/rh 270 Mm To 550 Mm 4pcs   Window Stay Lh/rh 270 Mm To 550 Mm 4pcs

£33.77  MLN0040008 
 Window Stay Lh/rh Polyfix 280 Mm   Window Stay Lh/rh Polyfix 280 Mm

£28.35  MLN0040006 
 Window Stay Polyfix 230mm   Window Stay Polyfix 230mm

£23.20  MLN0040010 
 Window Stay Polyplastic 280 Mm   Window Stay Polyplastic 280 Mm

£28.16  MLN0040012 
 Window Stay Telescopic 300 Mm   Window Stay Telescopic 300 Mm

£16.88  MLN0040020 
 Window Stay Telescopic 460 Mm   Window Stay Telescopic 460 Mm

£24.38  MLN0040022 
 Window Stay Telescopic 550 Mm   Window Stay Telescopic 550 Mm

£25.85  MLN0040024 

Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 products)

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