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Heatsource HS2800 Twin Blown Air Heater

[Order Code:ML08128]

Heatsource HS2800 Twin Blown Air Heater

This kit is NOT suitable for marine use

The HS2800 heater is an automatic, thermostatically controlled blown air heating system fuelled by propane or butane gas. Heatsource is designed for a variety of automotive applications as a source of heat totally independent of the engine.

Applications include: Motorhomes, Caravans, Horseboxes, Cranes, Mobile Workshops etc.

Special Features:

  • Runs on clean burning propane or butane gas.
  • Quiet thermostatic operation
  • Stainless steel burner and heat-exchanger with clean combustion gives maintenance free durability.
  • Low electric current consumption due to efficient motor/fan combination and innovative electronics.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Fast warm up time.
  • Reduces condensation.
  • Self - diagnostic fault finding system.
  • Fully CE compliant and tested to the latest European standards.
    Gas consumption is calculated on a continuous running basis as follows

  • Average gas consumption - 225 grams/hour
  • 3.9kg propane cylinder - 17.5 hrs
  • 4.5kg butane - 20.0 hrs
  • 13kg propane - 58.0 hrs
  • 15kg butane - 67.0 hrs

  • Heat input - 3.0 KW
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Heat output - 2.8KW
  • Current consumption - 1.9A cont. running
  • Air throughput - 85 C.F.M.

  • Efficiency
    With forced air combustion and the Propex 2 stage stainless steel heat-exchanger, the HS1800 and the 2800 heaters are a clean and highly efficient way to heat your vehicle or boat. Air for combustion is taken from outside and is passed into the combustion chamber having been mixed with gas during two aeration stages. After 15 seconds of pre-purge with the fan running on its own the internal microprocessor controlled electronics will switch on the spark generator for 4 seconds during which time ignition will take place. These high output clean burning appliances are totally room sealed and exhaust all waste combustion products externally. To add to the efficiency, cabin air is normally re-circulated in preference to using cold air from outside. The HS series heaters are also very efficient on electrical current consumption. The high quality motor/fan combination and innovative current reducing electronics means that even the larger HS2800 draws less than 2 amps during normal operation.

    Quiet Operation
    Propex heaters are designed to be quiet in operation without compromising air throughput and heat output. There will always be some air noise from any system that produces a healthy throughput of air, however, by using high quality balanced fans and smooth motors with ball race bearings, noise is kept to a minimum.

    Heatsource blown air heaters conform to the latest international standards including EN624/2000, EN298, ISO7637 as well as the appropriate EMC standards. Both units are EC approved under the European gas appliance directive and are manufactured under ISO9001/2000 in compliance with the gas appliance directive. The internally fitted micro-processor electronics continuously monitor the operation of the heater checking that every part of the unit is operating correctly. This includes continuous monitoring of the flame, heat exchanger temperature, case temperature, combustion airflow and voltage. Should any of these stray outside the predetermined levels, the heater will be switched off and the red light on the thermostat will indicate a fault by flashing a certain number of times.

    Both the HS2000 and HS2800 are supplied with complete fitting kits to suit vehicle applications. In vehicles and caravans the unit is usually mounted in a bed-box or cupboard, flued downwards through the floor and out to the side of the vehicle using flexable stainless ducting. These ducts (22mm i.d. for the HS2000 and 26mm i.d. for the HS2800) are supplied as standard in lengths of 750mm for vehicles and 1 metre for boats. The ends are finished with neat stainless steel end-caps which comply with EN624. The heat is ducted to one or more outlets through tough highly flexible 60mm or 76mm ducting. In the case of multi-outlet installations, the first outlet is an open outlet with directional control and the rest are closable and are used in conjunction with the appropriate sized plastic Y-branches.

    Kit Contents

  • 2.8kw Heatsource with twin outlet vehicle fitting kit
  • Vehicle fitting kit including thermostat
  • Hot air ducting
  • Y branch and closable outlet
  • 2 x 1m lengths flexible stainless steel tube for exhaust & comb air inlet
  • Grills, brackets, cables, fasteners etc.

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