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Inflation Options For Air Assistance Kits
All our air assistance suspension kits are provided with a basic inflation kit similar to the one shown below.  

The inflator above allows you to inflate your system using a garage forecourt airline, foot pump or portable 12 volt air compressor. To check the pressure, use a tyre gauge. Simply over inflate the system, then gently release the air to your desired pressure.  

If you’ve purchased your system with an optional upgrade (gauges etc.) the above inflation kit will be removed from the main kit as it is no longer needed and therefore avoids confusion (installers quite often got confused when installing the whole system).


Air bellows with metal end caps-maximum pressure 100 psi (6.8 bar)
Air bags with no end caps-maximum pressure 45 psi (3 bar)
AL-KO suspension kits—NEVER use your vehicle without air pressure in the system, otherwise damage WILL occur.  

Optional Upgrades.  

We have a number of system upgrades for all our air assistance kits to improve the use of the system.  

Optional Upgrade...1  

Our first option is a gauge and valve kit which can be mounted in a locker or more often,  inside the drivers door, either in the foot well moulding or on the side of the seat box.  

We offer three options of the basic gauge kits to suit either right hand, left hand drive vehicles  and locker applications.

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All the above gauge kits enable inflation of both sides at once, or individually, thus enabling levelling of the vehicle to account for any off centre loading.  

The above kits consist of the gauge assembly shown above, 5.5 metres (18 feet) of red and blue airline plus sleeving, fixing screws and cable ties.

Optional Upgrade...2  

If you’re looking for something more advanced than just a basic gauge kit, we do have another gauge option as shown below.

This is a larger panel than the single gauge units, therefore thought is required when siting it within the vehicle cab.

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This gauge panel is installed without a compressor, then inflated using the control buttons (which also act as inflators) with a garage forecourt airline,  foot pump or your own portable 12 volt compressor. After achieving excess pressure, the pressure can then be reduced by pressing the control button on the panel.  The above panel can be modified to fit either of the following pre-cut plates.

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The plates are reversible and designed for the Ducato/Boxer dashboards. The finish is an anodised silver, however you may like to paint them black.  

The black panel below is similar to the one above, except there is no switch and there's a pair of pneumatic buttons for each side of the vehicle. This panel is ideal when the vehicle has its own air supply.

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Optional Upgrades …3  

If you’re looking for something more advanced than just a basic gauge kit, we have compressor and gauge kits.

Our first compressor/gauge kit consists of a heavy duty compressor and gauge panel as shown to the right. The kit again consists of everything you need to install it into your vehicle. The compressor can be mounted on its rubber mounts inside a locker, under a seat or even under the floor (mid way between the chassis  rails where it least vulnerable).

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Optional Upgrades …4  

Our final compressor and gauge kit, is known by the Dunlop guys in the Netherlands as their ‘Comfort kit’ as you can sit in comfort of your cab and adjust the air suspension without leaving your seat! Or perhaps that’s a bad translation of their description?

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Just like the other kits, this is supplied with everything you need for installation. However depending on where you wish to mount the compressor you may need to make a support frame for it. This system is similar to the previous system, but the panel is slightly different, the compressor has a pressure switch and there is an air tank which is maintained under pressure, so air is ready for use as and when you need it, The system is maintained at a constant pressure by the pressure switch on the compressor. The panel has an up and down button for either side of the vehicle, so push one button to raise and the other to lower, simple :o) The tank also has a spare outlet which can be used for an airline connector (not supplied) to inflate tyres and so on.  

The above kit is highly suitable for use with the AL-KO suspension kits as its vital to maintain pressure in the bellows at all times.  

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