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Nature Pure Dockside Pre-filter System

[Order Code:MLN026643]

Nature Pure Dockside Pre-filter System

The Dockside Pre-filter System pre-filters fresh water you might use from dock side or marina sources while you cruise. The Dockside Pre-filter extends the life of Seagull IV Purification System you have installed on board and helps keep equipment running smoothly by filtering out many of the most troublesome contaminants. Designed to remove abrasive sand, dirt, rust and suspended particulates, the Dockside Pre-filter is sure to suit your fresh water needs.

The Aqua-Polish Filtration Cartridge used in the Dockside Pre-filter has a nominal three (3) micron retention, enabling it to reduce chlorine, microscopic and visible dirt and scale, and many other larger particle contaminants. Dockside Pre-filter is a filtering device, not intended to remove microbiological contaminants.

For purification of water, use in tandem with a Seagull IV Water Purifier for a complete on-board system. Independently certified to EPA Guide Standard Protocol, (Seagull IV water purifiers remove many chemical, aesthetic and microbiological contaminants including Viruses, Bacteria and Cysts).

Technical Specification:
Minimum Temperature:32° F (0° C)
Maximum Temperature:140° F 60° C)
Flow Rate:5.5 gpm
Capacity:5,000 gallons
Operating Pressure:125 psi
Particle Retention:1 micron absolute

Exceptional removal capacity.
Effective and dependable.
Quick and easy installation.
Double O-ring bypass prevention.
Low pressure loss.
Cleanable cartridge.
Eliminates channelling bypass.

Information Sheet

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