Dunlop - Table key

1 Part reference number for orders
2 Vehicle manufacturer and model name/designation
3 Vehicle photograph
4 Method of inflation of the air bellows : Manual or Automatic
5 Rear wheel / Rear axle configuration : single double
6 Date of start and end of production for the vehicle in question
7 Any important details : e.g. whether the vehicle (a) has a load sensing valve (LSV) that must be adjusted immediately following installation of auxiliary air suspension or (b) is fitted with an antilock braking system (ABS).
8 Rear axle cross section : round or square , with dimensions in millimetres where known (e.g. 80mm (outer diameter - round), 75 x 75 (square))
9 Bellow Type : Two-convolute or three-convolute Bellow Designation : nominal diameter in millimetres / number of convolutes i.e. 170/2 means 170mm nominal diameter bellow with two convolutes
10 Three-dimensional computer-generated diagram showing full auxiliary air suspension assembly. The associated arrow indicates the forward direction of travel of the vehicle.