Firestone - Air Assisted Suspension

The company who make these, is Firestone, the same people who make the tyres! These kits are manufactured in the USA.

These systems are well designed for most people to fit themselves as no special tools are required.

As with all our semi air suspension systems, they greatly increase straight-line stability on motorways, strong cross winds and when being overtaken by heavy vehicles. They enable you to, stiffen the rear suspension by increasing the air pressure alleviating any sagging of the rear suspension due to incorrect or over loading, and allowing the vehicles ride height to be kept level. Body roll on roundabouts and when cornering is also decreased and the general ride is much improved.

Most people fit air assisted suspension units to restore the rear ride height of their motorhome. Unlike normal vans, motorhomes are always fully laden, especially if additional rear racks are fitted to carry bikes etc. so the rear springs do sag after a while. These units will restore the ride height, however everyone who has had air assisted suspension systems fitted to their vehicles all say they are also impressed with the added benefits of improved ride, improved cornering and being less prone to side winds and buffering by large HGV's

WARNING - This kit will not legally increase the legal carrying capacity of your vehicle.

Our price for this kit includes delivery and taxes etc.

This kit does not include a compressor or a gauge/valve assembly which is available as an optional extra.