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Levelling Your Van The Easy Way - 2 Way Spirit Level


Levelling Your Van The Easy Way - 2 Way Spirit Level (1off)

Simple yet effective two way spirit level.

Measuring 58mm x 45mm

Have you watched people setting up their van for the night? Some spend ages going backwards and forward, up and down their levelling blocks, while they are doing all that they are constantly jumping in and out to check a spirit level or such 'instrument' in the back. For +1.20 all that fussing around can be done away with.

With our spirit level, spend a bit of time getting your vehicle perfectly level. Then in my case I made a small stand/platform on the side of the drivers door to mount the spirit level on. You don't have to use the door, but as long as you can see it from the driving seat, anywhere will do. Your not initially going to have a level platform so by mixing up a small quantity of body filler, put a blob on your platform, then sit the spirit level on the blob and lightly push the level down to get the bubbles in to the centre positions. When dry, secure fully with screws.

With your 'in cab' level indicator, you can view instantly tell how level your van is without leaving your driving seat. With practice, you can asses how level your van is and know exactly where to position your levelling blocks. I tend to drive up mine, then slowly fall back down to the correct level position. Works like a dream and so quick.

NOTE: The image shows two spirit levels, the price shown is per item.