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.Dunlop Gauge Control Panel Assembly With Compressor etc.

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Dunlop (was Pneuride) Gauge Control Panel Assembly With Compressor With Reservoir

These panels are supplied by Dunlop.

This is a pure pneumatic control panel with no electrical connections. Its been plumbed up for one feed pipe and a pair of connections for a pair of Air springs. However this kit also includes a compressor with cut out pressure switch, reservoir tank, air lines, rubber mounts for the compressor and all the bits for the electrical side.

The system is wired up from a live 12 volt power supply (with your own on/off switch if you wish) so that the compressor runs until it has pressurised the system then shuts down, then when the pressure in the system drops, this re-activate the compressor again.

The mug in the above shot is not part of the package, however its shown to try and give the items some size perspective.

We have found these fit neatly into a blank panel as shown in the LHD Fiat Ducato below.

The photo below is from a left hand drive Coach Built Fiat Ducato which had extensions either side the original dash board, so was an ideal place to mount the gauge panel. Under the panel is the compressor power switch (not included)

Panel Dimensions 185mm x 65mm (We do not have any alternative panels for this compressor kit)

Please note this compressor kit is not suitable for use with AL-KO air assist kits due to the limitations of the differential on the pressure switch.