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Seat Swivel plate - Mercedes Sprinter - Sportscraft

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Seat Swivel plate - SportsCraft - Mercedes Sprinter

This swivel plate is easier to fit than the FASP swivel plates. They are supplied with additional fixings which makes it a complete package, all you need to do is supply the labour and tools. They are secure and rattle free.

Like all our seat swivel plates, these have been crash tested and are compliant with TUV test approvals.

Due to manufacturing tolerances of vehicles, occasionally the fixing holes do need to be modified slightly

Fit and forget.

Which one do I need? >Left hand - Normal UK passenger seat > - Right hand Normal UK drivers seat

Before purchasing your seat swivel plate, please check your seat to seat box/frame for items that may interfere with the swivel plate fixing. items that are proud of the seat box/frame will prevent the fitting of seat swivel plates. Common problems are batteries, these can be replaced for ones of a lower profile. However items like space heaters are not so easy to overcome.