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Glomex Horizon Directional Tv Aerial


Glomex Horizon Directional Tv Aerial

A high-performance, electronic directive antenna for all frequencies plus digital terrestrial TV � DVBt, thanks to its high-gain antenna internal elements and its two amplifiers, one inside the antenna and one inside the vehicle, it is possible to pick up even extremely weak signals as you comfortably regulate positioning using the remote control to direct the antenna�s internal electric motors. This aerial is 3 times stronger than an omni-directinal aerial. The antenna�s high directive ability and the possibility to fine tune orientation make it possible to eliminate all those unwanted reflected signals generated by natural obstacles such as mountains, trees or buildings. The amplifier situated inside the vehicle allows you to regulate gain and control the amplifier�s bypass system, guaranteeing significantly better signal reception in those areas where signal intensity is very strong. The horizon antenna comes equipped with a SAT antenna video recorder input, or community antenna, so that only one cabling is necessary onboard. The Horizon aerial comes with everything you need to mount it: plastic roof mount that can be either glued and/or screwed to the roof, 5 metres of coaxial cable, 1.5M TV cable, remote control as well as the external booster which comes complete with mount that can be attached to a wall or dash.

Technical Specifications

  • Angle of reception:
    60� UHF horizontal polarization
    360� UHF vertical polarization
    60� VHF horizontal polarization

  • Frequency range:
    170/220 MHz (VHF)
    470/860 MHz (UHF)

  • Antenna gain: 5db (VHF) 8 db (UHF)

  • Impedance: 75 ohms

  • Amplifier Gain Average: 27.5 dB

  • Amplifier Noise Factor: 2.1 dB

  • Amplifier adjustable gain

  • Amplifier bypass

  • Power consumption Standby mode: 150 mA max

  • Power consumption with electric motor in movement: 300 mA

  • Power supply: 12/24V dc

  • Dimension diameter: 370 mm

  • Height: 260 mm

  • Weight: 1.5 Kg

  • Costruction material: ASA UV resistant

  • Termination: connectors F