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Fiamma Vent 40 x 40 (Vent 160 crystal)


Fiamma Vent 40 x 40 (Vent 160 crystal)

This is an improved version of the Fiamma Vent 40x40 Roof-light. It's aerodynamic design is thanks to its elegant external profile top. During high speeds the noise and vibrations are significantly limited to those compared to earlier versions. This unit is installed with what Fiamma call 'sandwich technology' with screws tightened from inside the vehicle, but it can also be secured to the roof. This vent installs in to 39cm x 39cm and 40cm x 40cm openings. This vent has a permanent air flow ventilation system with mosquito screen.

Please be aware that this version of this popular rooflight won't fit earlier versions (such as a 36x36 cm aperture) without some modification to the roof.

Screws not supplied.

Installation Instructions
Check that nothing has been broken or deformed in transit. In case of damage, make arrangements for repair or replacement of the damaged part.
1) Make a square hole of between 38©40cm at he point chosen for the installation of the rooflight by first drilling four 30mm holes at the four corners of the hole.
2) The rooflight is ready for installation on thickness from 20 to 50mm.For thickness less than 20mm set a suitable frame for positioning on the roof Inside the vehicle between the roof and the inside frame. For thickness exceeding 50mm insert extension having the pertinent connecting screw longer than standard.
3) Check that the packing has remained perfectly in its housing on the outer frame, that terminal edges of the packing adhere perfectly to each other and that such union is at the centre of the side opposite the speed direction (i.e. opposite the hinges).
4) Remove the frame with mosquito screen from the roof-light and spread the water sealant material over a minimum width of 30 mm in the lower part of the external frame.
5) Thoroughly clean the area where it sits on the roof and then put the external frame into the opening that you have already made.
6) Put the internal frame into the opening and fasten it with the sandwich system that has 8 ¤ 4 self-threading screws. If you secure it with the traditional system, go on to paragraph 7).
7) With the traditional system, fasten the external frame with 16 ¤ 4,5screws, carefully apply silicone over the entire perimeter of the external frame, fill in any spaces between the roof and frame and all of the heads of the 16 screws. Recommended sealant: SIKALASTOMER-712.
8) Put the internal frame into the opening and fasten it with 8 wood screws. Only for traditional installation.
9) Put on the handle and the extension, if necessary, and then secure it.