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_cbe Solar charge regulator 240W OEM Part No. PRS240


_cbe Solar charge regulator 240W

The PRS240 regulator can be used for the connection of 2 photovoltaic modules with 120W maximum power each.
It is designed for the connection of the new PT542 test panel for battery charge and voltage monitoring and can charge lead-gel batteries or lead-acid batteries with the ideal charging line.
The regulator contains all necessary diodes for the photovoltaic plant and is equipped with 4 LEDs that signal:

  • maximum current battery charge process until the end-of-charge voltage is reached.
  • constant voltage maintenance stage (according to the kind of battery connected).
  • Audible alarm in case of wrong electric connection.
  • Inner protection fuse failure alarm.
Model PRS110 PRS240
Code 204266 204270
Nominal voltage 12V
Max voltage (V) 14.1 14.3 (Lead-Gel)
14.1 (Lead-Acid)
Maintenance voltage (V) 13.5 13.8 (Lead-Gel)
13.5 (Lead-Acid)
Self-consumption 0.1mA 12V
Sequence control with Mosphet YES YES
Schottky block diodes YES YES
Max applicable power 110W 240W
Short circuit protection YES YES
Polarity inversion protection YES YES
Protection fuse inside NO 20A
PT542 connection NO YES
Prepared for the connection
of 2 solar modules
Battery type selector NO YES
Dimensions 115 x 90
115 x 90

User's manual

This unit replaces P263