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Firestone - Air Assisted Suspension - Musso Wagon 92-06

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Firestone DriveRite - Air Assisted Suspension - Musso Wagon 92-06

This kit works by installing an air spring inside the original coil springs.

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The fitting instructions provided by Firestone are generic and are basically useless if you want step by step instructions. The easiest way to install the bladders (certainly less stressful and less painful to the provided instructions) is to support the vehicle, then remove the bottom fixings of the shock absorbers to allow the suspension to drop, thus enabling the removal of the coil spring. Clean up the coil spring to ensure no sharp edges flaking paint etc. Drill a hole (if not already in the base of the spring support) of about ¾” diameter in the centre of where the coil spring mounts the bottom suspension. Make sure no sharp edges are left. Remove the rubber bump stop, Fit imperial airlines to bottom of bellows and test for leaks before installing. Then fit bladder to inside of coil spring with spacer at the bottom, then carry out reversal of earlier instructions. When assembled, cut hose off to about 1.5” below bottom suspension arm, fit supplied elbow, and then connect airline to other side of elbow and on to your choice of filling point. Please note these instructions are only a guide and can possibly require changes to suit the vehicle.