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_Firestone - Compressor With Single Gauge Dual Switches

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Firestone - Compressor With Single Gauge Dual Switches

This kit comprises of a standard duty 12 volt pneumatic compressor for the Firestone air springs, and a panel holding a single gauge and two control switches

This kit provides front-to-rear or side-to-side (installed as one or the other, but not both) levelling through the use of an electric switch.

Not all the items shown in this drawing are included in this kit. Check the OEM product sheet for further details

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Compressor specification  - Specification can vary without warning
Head Configuration: Pressure Only
Stoke: .380 Inches
Pressure: Psi Flow Cm 12 Volts, Cfm
0 0.97
10 0.87
20 0.76
30 0.66
40 0.61
50 0.53
60 46
70 0.42
80 0.38
90 0.34
100 0.3
110 0.25
120 0.22
Max. Intermittent Pressure: 120
Max. Duty Cycle: 10%
(minutes On/off At 23?c (3 On 130 Oft)
Max. Ambient Temperature: 158?f (7o?c)
Min. Ambient Temperature: -40?f (-40?c)
Motor Voltage/frequency: 12 Volt Dc
Horsepower: 1/6
Motor Type: Permanent Magnet
Current At Rated Load (amps): 16
Starting Current (locked Rotor Amps): 50
Insulation Class: A
Min. Full Load Speed (rpm) 3650
Net Weight: 3 Ibs. (l.4kg)