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Seat Swivel plate - Volkswagen T25

[not available]
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Seat Swivel plate - FASP - Volkswagen T25 not available as a complete unit

We're sorry, we are not able to supply a swivel plate for this vehicle, however....

If you know a competent engineer who is used to grinding drilling and welding, there is a way around this problem. The problem is that the manufacturers of the swivel plates have run out of the seat sliders which are welded to the van floor/wing. These need to be removed and fitted to the new seat swivel (Click here for a suitable seat swivel plate). Obviously carrying out this work invalidates the warranty and the TUV crash testing certification, but at least you know the seat swivel is of a strong design.

It is up to the purchaser to decide what is safe or not, as we accept no liability for the information we have given here.