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.Gauge & Valve Assemb. For Adding To Kit - Vertical connection

The cost of shipping and handling is included in the price of this item

This Gauge Assembly Can **Only** Be Purchased With An Air Suspension Kit On The Same DAY, NOT Day's Or Weeks Later
Why? Because when purchased at the same time, we change the size of the air line and remove items from the kit, to give a discounted price.

Gauge & Valve Assembly For Air Suspension Kits - Vertical connection

This unit enables you to quickly establish the air pressures in your air springs. It also enables you to fill both springs together, thus ensuring you have equal pressure in both sides. However it still gives you the facility to have off-set pressures.

This gauge and valve assembly is supplied with additional hoses (4mm diameter, 5.5metres/16.5ft (longer than is supplied in the basic air assist kit) which is more than enough for all non American motorhomes, plus some larger airline to protect the main airline when going through panels etc.), cable ties and fixing screws, so you can mount this assembly in the cab or locker of your vehicle. You won't need any additions :o)

(The above photo is of a Right Hand Drive [RHD] gauge assembly)

PLEASE NOTE: When this gauge kit is supplied with an air assist kit, we make changes to the air assist kit by removing the original air lines (they're an odd ball size to what is generally used in the UK), air spring connections and inflators as when we left them in the box, too many people got in to a mess with their installations, so we're trying to make the installation easier.

The removal of components is reflected in the price of this gauge kit.

This kit is an optional extra to the Air Suspension kits, as the air assist kits are not supplied with any visual pressure identification (other than looking at the air springs or vehicle height)

The example shown has the hoses connected vertical, we can also supply a horizontal connection unit as an alternative option.

An installation guide and general operating instructions can be found here