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Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - Iveco L & S (2014 onwards)

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Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - Iveco Daily L&S (2014 onwards)

Below is a basic inflation kit that is supplied with the above kit, however these items are removed and substituted for other items if a any sort of gauge or compressor kit is purchased.

These units are from the Dunlop stable. The makers have been producing air suspensions for many years and their products are used on many lorries and buses throughout the world.

These kits were originally marketed under the name of AJV, and are of a far superior but similar design to many other kits on the market, thus not re-inventing the wheel to use a successful formula in semi air suspension design.

These Dunlop kits are designed in such a way that they can be fitted by confident DIYers with no special tools.

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The above kit is complete with everything to install the Dunlop kit on your vehicle (except tools) including hose and inflators, however there are gauge kits available, which can be ordered below. More information on the available gauge kits can be found here (opens in a fresh page)

We must stress, this kit, or any other air assist kit is NOT supplied with gauges or compressor, these items can be purchased as optional extras