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Fitting Instructions For Remis Take-N-Trim Blinds
A recent customer asked how far these stick out from the wall? The answer is A = 40mm approx

These instructions are included with the product, however it's nice to have a preview
Our range of these blinds can be found here

Carefully measure as shown, allowing 30mm (minimum) each side of your window
Carefully mark your blind to the dimension you gained above.

Cut the blind material using a sharp craft knife.

Using a junior hacksaw, carefully cut the roller and bottom edge of blind

Fit handles to bottom of blind

Test assemble the brackets before proceeding
Carefully mark the positions of the brackets on the wall
Secure brackets into position
Place left hand end only in to the wall bracket then carefully rotate roller six or eight times in direction shown to pre-tension the rewind mechanism
Carefully engage loose end of roller in to wall bracket and lock in position.
Secure bottom catches (fixing device!) in position

Sunblind locks at different 'stop' positions. To release blind pull it quickly down and, holding the handle, allow tension in the blind to raise it upwards. For complete darkening hook handle on to fixing device.

Do not allow the blind to 'whiplash' upwards in order to avoid any damage to the blind system.

Use a damp cloth and if necessary, apply a proprietary household cleaner without solvent or abrasive.

Please note
Don't move your vehicle or caravan with bl inds in the down position and do not leave blinds closed over longer periods (several weeks as the rewind spring will weaken).

Our range of these blinds can be found here