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Reversing Cameras

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Here are a couple of frequently asked questions on reversing camera systems.

How easy is it to fit a rear-view camera system?
Fitting a rear-view camera system is well within the capabilities of anyone with basic technical ability and the correct tools. The hardest and most time-consuming part of fitting one is usually running the cable which connects the camera to the monitor. The camera gets its power from the monitor and therefore does not need to be connected to a power supply. The monitor has to be connected to 12V or 24V supply and that\'s about it. Full instructions are included with all our kits.

Where\'s the best place to mount the camera?
The best mounting place for the camera is high as possible. This high position gives good all round visibility and very good perspective of how close you are to objects. Where as fitting a camera low down doesn\'t give any perspective of how close you are to possible dangers.

Where\'s the best place to run the cable between the camera and the monitor?
With the camera mounted up high, it\'s possible to use plastic mini trunking on the roof. It can be glued using some silicone sealer. There are often groves in the roof which you can sit the trunking in, which helps keep it all neat. Run the cable as far as possible towards the front of the vehicle, then through the roof in to the top of a cupboard. Run down the inside of the cupboard then under the carpets to the dashboard, or go through the floor, along the chassis in to the engine bay, then in to the back of the dash board. Make sure you seal any holes to last.

The legality of rear-view camera systems
When being used in the same way as a rear-view mirror would be, a rear-view monitor is absolutely legal. Be careful, however, that the monitor does not obscure the driver\'s vision as that could constitute an offence.

    Product Name+   Price   Our Order Code 
 Gemini 4 Sensor Wireless Rev Sensor Kit   Gemini 4 Sensor Wireless Rev Sensor Kit

£234.64  MLN034903 
 Gemini 8 Sensor Wireless Rev Sensor Kit   Gemini 8 Sensor Wireless Rev Sensor Kit

£365.57  MLN034905 
 Parksafe Reversing Camera System (7006C09W)   Parksafe Reversing Camera System (7006C09W)

£308.74  MLN034822 
 VDO System 7" Monitor   VDO System 7" Monitor

£78.00  MLN034920 
 Waeco Camera System (RVS721)   Waeco Camera System (RVS721)

£291.72  MLN034884 
 Waeco Reversing Sensor Kit (MWE-910)   Waeco Reversing Sensor Kit (MWE-910)

£312.00  MLN030783 

£457.08  MLN034880 

£834.60  MLN034882 
 Wireless Reversing 4 Sensor Kit (Ultra-Sonic Revering Aid)   Wireless Reversing 4 Sensor Kit (Ultra-Sonic Revering Aid)

£62.40  MLN30780 

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)

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