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Seat Swivel Fitting Information
Fitting instructions for FASP and SportsCraft seat swivel plates.

Use only high tensile steel bolts with a grade of at least 12.9. They can be obtained from most good engineering suppliers.

These are general instructions for the whole range of our seat swivel plates, so some instructions may not apply to your swivel plates.

Its assumed our seat swivel plates will be fitted by a competent engineer or technician.

Basically, the seat swivel plate fits between the seat support box or frame and the seat sliders so that the sliders rotate with the seat.

Most of the seat swivel plates are 'handed' so need to be fitted the correct way. They are not reversible. The release handle should be on the side of the seat and be on the opposite side of the seat to the door (in the centre of the vehicle - except Sportscraft swivels, where they are usually of the right-hand side of the swivel). The release handle must rotate with the seat. However there are a few where the handle is between the seat occupants legs.

Fitting Instructions;

1. Detach seat belt from anchor point on rear end of seat slide.
2. Remove and retain all fixing nuts, bolts and washers, holding the seat to the adjustment sliders. Lift seat from vehicle and put out of the way.
3. Remove the fixing bolts attaching the sliders to the seat box/support frame. Note some vehicles like post 1994 Fiat Ducato's, Peugeot Boxer's and Citroen Relay's have some front fixings on a lip/tongue on the front of the seat box/support frame.
4. Bolt the swivel plate to the seat support frame/box taking care to ensure its the correct way up etc..
5. When fitting FASP seat swivel plates to post 1994 Fiat Ducato's, Peugeot Boxer's and Citroen Relay's, the seat runners with the angled tabs/tongues over the front of the seat box/support frame need to be modified. With these runners, saw off the angled tabs/tongues (down-ward projection) from the front of the seat slider so that the slider will lie flat on top of the seat swivel plate. Sawing off the tongues DOES NOT apply to the SportsCraft seat swivel plates. DOUBLE check your application before cutting!!!

Another point to check before cutting and drilling is the front fixing of swivel to seat box, as on one vehicle it was found there was no holes in the top of the seat box, so fresh holes had to be drilled to fix the front of the seat swivel to the seat box. On this occasion the new holes were very close to the original tongue fixing, thus making it difficult to fix the front of the swivel. Any competent engineer should easily overcome these niggles

6. With the modified runners, you also need to drill an 8mm to 9mm (3/8" approx) hole just behind the point where the saw cut was made on the slider, this needs to be 308mm (between centres) from the existing rear hole of the slider.
7. Bolt your sliders to the top of swivel plate. The modified sliders need the cut end facing forward.
8. Before proceeding any further, make sure your seat swivel plate rotates freely, and the fixings don't foul each other.
9. Refix your seat to the sliders using the original fixings.
10. Refix the safety belt back to its original position.
11. Re-check that all fixing are tight and secure. Fitting is now complete.


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