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Taps For Sinks

Below is shown our range of taps for use with sinks. You may be interested to know that we also stock a range of valves (inline taps) for many uses like draining down water tanks, stop cocks etc. These additional items can be found under plumbing

Thread Sizes (BSP)

Do you have difficulty identifying your thread sizes so that you order the correct size? We encounter many customers ordering the wrong size, so we've now created a page to overcome this problem, click here for more information (opens in a fresh page)

Click an Image or Product Name for more product information or to purchase the product
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    Product Name   Price+   Our Order Code 
 Florenz Kompakt Chrome Mixer Tap   Florenz Kompakt Chrome Mixer Tap

 Nova Aravon Mixer Tap (90mm fixing centres)   Nova Aravon Mixer Tap (90mm fixing centres)

 Roma Chrome Mixer Tap   Roma Chrome Mixer Tap

 Shower Hose Adapter 3/4" x 1/2"   Shower Hose Adapter 3/4" x 1/2"

 Tap micro switch   Tap micro switch

£2.85  MLM037583 
 12mm John Guest Adaptor   12mm John Guest Adaptor

£3.15  MLN0026808 
 Replacement Microswitch (240-0055 )   Replacement Microswitch (240-0055 )

£3.62  MLN026771 
 Drain Tap 3/8" (V400003 D)   Drain Tap 3/8" (V400003 D)

£3.79  MLN026856 
 Replacement Microswitch (240-0170)   Replacement Microswitch (240-0170)

£3.84  MLN026773 
 Drain Tap 1/2" (V400004 D)   Drain Tap 1/2" (V400004 D)

£4.24  MLN026853 
 Shower Head With Trigger - Non Latching   Shower Head With Trigger - Non Latching

£4.54  MLN026817 
 Comet Microswitch C/W 400mm Cable   Comet Microswitch C/W 400mm Cable

£5.30  MLN0026548 
 Cora Chrome Shower Head   Cora Chrome Shower Head

£8.46  MLN026538 
 Shower Hose Only 5' x 1/2" x 1/2"   Shower Hose Only 5' x 1/2" x 1/2"

£9.17  MLNK157 
 35mm Comet Cartridge   35mm Comet Cartridge

£11.12  MLN0026546 
 Drain Tap 1"BSP female threads   Drain Tap 1"BSP female threads

£11.28  MLN026850 
 25mm Comet Cartridge   25mm Comet Cartridge

£11.90  MLN0026544 
 Reich Replacement Micro-Switch (4A MAX)   Reich Replacement Micro-Switch (4A MAX)

£13.74  MLN0026775 
 Replacement Microswitch (240-0622)   Replacement Microswitch (240-0622)

£13.74  MLN026774 
 Replacement Microswitch (240-06220)   Replacement Microswitch (240-06220)

£13.74  MLN026777 
 NOVO Single Tap With Micro Switch   NOVO Single Tap With Micro Switch

£14.50  ML01168 
 Reich Replacement Cartridge   Reich Replacement Cartridge

£14.76  MLN0026795 
 Stick Chrome Shower Head   Stick Chrome Shower Head

£16.75  MLN026540 
 London Chrome Shower Head   London Chrome Shower Head

£17.97  MLN026542 
 Reich Replacement Cartridge (640-0528)   Reich Replacement Cartridge (640-0528)

£19.64  MLN026779 
 Reich Replacement Cartridge (640-0552 )   Reich Replacement Cartridge (640-0552 )

£23.45  MLN026781 
 12 Volt Portable Shower Kit   12 Volt Portable Shower Kit

£23.70  MLN026724 
 NOVO Mixer Tap with Micro Switch   NOVO Mixer Tap with Micro Switch

£25.71  ML01173 
 Deluxe Single Tap (540-180100SK)   Deluxe Single Tap (540-180100SK)

£26.07  MLN026770 
 Nova Aravon Single Tap   Nova Aravon Single Tap

£30.72  ML01160 
 Trend A Single Lever Mixer Tap   Trend A Single Lever Mixer Tap

£37.89  MLN026783 
 Florenz Chrome Cold Water Tap   Florenz Chrome Cold Water Tap

£44.65  MLN026522 
 Deluxe Double Mixer Tap (541-180100SK)   Deluxe Double Mixer Tap (541-180100SK)

£49.00  MLN026772 
 Trend B Single-Lever Mixer Tap   Trend B Single-Lever Mixer Tap

£50.42  MLN026789 
 Florenz Chrome 90 Degree Turn Mixer Tap   Florenz Chrome 90 Degree Turn Mixer Tap

£50.54  MLN026524 
 London Mixer Tap (C/W Micro switch)   London Mixer Tap (C/W Micro switch)

£56.65  ML01180 
 Single Lever Mixer Kama 27mm Tap   Single Lever Mixer Kama 27mm Tap

£71.96  MLN026780 
 Single Lever Mixer Kama 33mm Tap   Single Lever Mixer Kama 33mm Tap

£71.96  MLN026782 
 Stilo Chrome Mixer Tap 12cm Spout   Stilo Chrome Mixer Tap 12cm Spout

£75.39  MLN026534 
 Stilo Chrome Mixer Tap 19cm Spout   Stilo Chrome Mixer Tap 19cm Spout

£75.46  MLN026536 

Displaying 1 to 40 (of 59 products)

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