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NRF Blinds & Flyscreens

Very well priced combination blinds and fly-screens in Grey. With these blinds the user has the ability to completely black out the vehicle or to just partially allow light in, all the time being totally protected against insects. The blinds are fitted as standard by many European motorhome manufacturers.

These NRF blinds are supplied in a pack and you assemble these yourself on site.

Contents of the delivered package (top and bottom cassettes, 2 side rails and 4 end caps to cover screw fixings).

Please be assured they look far better in the flesh as our photos do not show them very well at all

Fully closed (Blind down)

Partly closed with fly screen meeting blind

Fly screen fully open

For those with good DIY skills, it is possible to make changes to these blinds to suit your own application, so we have included below further information to aid any thoughts on making changes to these cassette blinds.

BEFORE making any cuts or adjustments, the measurements here are ONLY intended as a guide, its up to the installer to take their own measurements before cutting etc.

First of all, its NOT possible to change the width of these blinds!

The image below shows how the top and bottom sections slot in to the side rails.

The image below shows a top/bottom section fully engaged with the side guide rail and the finishing cap over the fixing screws.
The top and bottom sections need a minimum of 43mm vertical flat space to fit the top and bottom sections in place.
If necessary, the lip on the side could be removed with a suitable tool to gain an extra 7mm approx.

The image below is out of date, as there are no longer end caps as shown to cover the screws.

The image below shows the side guide rails

Dimension H below is the clear space between the top and bottom sections, so any edges of the window frame needs to fit within the space of H

The length of H can be cut down to suit your needs. Standard length = 650mm

To select the correct width blind, measure the outside width of your window as show by 'A' below. Dimension 'A' needs to be the same size as, or smaller than the dimensions in the column 'W2' shown in th chart lower down. For example, if dimension 'A' is 630mm, you need to use product code MLN031500 as the dimension 'A' (630mm) is less than the 640mm in column W2.

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    Product Name+   Price   Our Order Code 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1000mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1000mm x 650mm

£56.61  MLN031504 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1100mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1100mm x 650mm

£59.42  MLN031505 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1200mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1200mm x 650mm

£61.90  MLN031506 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1250mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1250mm x 650mm

£63.37  MLN031507 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1300mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1300mm x 650mm

£64.86  MLN031508 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1400mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1400mm x 650mm

£66.36  MLN031509 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1450mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1450mm x 650mm

£67.80  MLN031510 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1500mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1500mm x 650mm

£69.17  MLN031511 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1600mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1600mm x 650mm

£71.35  MLN031512 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1700mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1700mm x 650mm

£74.29  MLN031513 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1800mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 1800mm x 650mm

£78.72  MLN031514 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 500mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 500mm x 650mm

£44.26  MLN031500 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 600mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 600mm x 650mm

£47.66  MLN031499 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 700mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 700mm x 650mm

£49.16  MLN031501 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 800mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 800mm x 650mm

£50.73  MLN031502 
 NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 900mm x 650mm   NRF Blinds & Flyscreens - 900mm x 650mm

£54.07  MLN031503 

Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 products)

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