6+2 Dunlop (was) 419 Steel Air Spring (4273315 M91)

6+2 Dunlop (was) 419 Steel Air Spring (4273315 M91)

Firestone Air Spring - W21-760-6781

Firestone Air Spring - W21-760-6781

Contitech/Dunlop Air Spring SZ 55-20

Contitech/Dunlop Air Spring SZ 55-20

6+2 Dunlop (was) 419 Steel Air Spring (4273315 M91)

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Please be advised, Dunlop no longer make these, so a direct equivilent from Firestone will be supplied

Dunlop Pneuride-6+2 Dunlop 419 - Steel

Dunlop Part No. : PNP - steel

Cross ref part numbers (VSM 10177) (A ) (A3 1330 B2 01)

Description : 6 x 2 Steel Assembly


6" x 2

Precautions to Observe

Do not exceed stated stroke.

Do not inflate assembly when it is unrestricted.

Do not inflate beyond pressures stated without prior consultation with Dunlop.

Respect maximum and minimum heights.

The bellows must be securely fixed.

Do not use without air pressure.


Operating Temperature

Minimum Temperature -30�C (-40�C static)

Maximum Temperature 70�C (90�C static)




Bellows : various rubbers

Metal parts : mild steel, protected by zinc passivated and yellow chromate




This bellow assembly can be completely dismantled


Maximum Diameter 168mm

Space Required 180mm

Minimum Height 73mm

Maximum Height 170mm

Total Stroke 97mm

Static Height 120mm

Effective Area at Static Height 140cm

Bellows Weight 2.25kg

Maximum Working Pressure 8bar

Burst Pressure 40bar

Maximum Angle between Top & Bottom Plates 15�

Maximum Axial Offset 10mm

The price quoted is for ONE unit

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