Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - X250, X290, X295 Chassis (06-Onward)

Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - X250, X290, X295 Chassis (06-Onward)

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Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - X230 Chassis (94 - 02)

Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - X230 Chassis (94 - 02)

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Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - 280/290 Chassis (82 - 94)

Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - X250, X290, X295 Chassis (06-Onward)

Dunlop Air Assist Suspension Kit suitable for:

  • Fiat Ducato X250, X290, X295 Chassis (June 2006+)
  • Citroen Relay, Jumper X250, X290, X295 Chassis (June 2006+)
  • Peugot Boxer X250, X290, X295 Chassis (June 2006+) 


Full Description, Fitment Requirements & inflation options explained below.  See Product Downloads for Dunlop installation instructions.  SUITABLE FOR COMPOSITE/PLASTIC LEAF SPRINGS.

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Dunlop Air Suspension Kit - Fiat Ducato X250, X290, X295 (06/2006+) 


These Dunlop kits are designed in such a way that they can be fitted by confident DIYers with no special tools. 

Easy to install rear Air Assist Suspension from Dunlop. There are multiple inflation and air control options available with this kit under the 'Inflation Options'.

These kits are designed to replace the bump stops between the axle and the chassis, but please do note, this isn't an independent suspension system, it is to assist the existing leaf spring suspension.

Instruction and fitment guidelines can be found HERE


Kit Contents

Fill Plate 2
Upper Clamping Brackets 4
Upper Plate 2
Lower Bracket 2
Hexagon Screw 4
Air Bellow : 170/2 2
Flat Head Countersunk Screw 8
Hexagon Screw 2
Spring washer 8
Hexagon Screw 4
Spring Washer 2


Vehicle Levelling Simply by varying the air pressure in the springs, the vehicle can be
levelled both front-to-rear and side-to-side. Keeping the vehicle
level optimizes stability, ensures correct headlamp beam distribution
and reduces tyre wear arising from uneven distribution of weight.

Straight Line Stability Straight line stability is greatly increased at higher speeds, and when
subjected to buffeting from cross-winds or large overtaking vehicles

Reduced Body Roll Body roll when cornering or negotiating roundabouts is significantly

Fatigue Reduction and Wear Compensation Suspension fatigue is reduced, so helping to prevent leaf springs
from sagging under repeated or constant loading. Any sagging already present can be compensated-for. This is a
particular benefit for motorhomes, which are always fully laden.

Ride Comfort Air springs help to absorb shock loads from uneven road surfaces,
therefore general ride quality is much improved.



Warranty All our Dunlop Air Assist kits come with a five-year extended warranty (terms apply) as well as full EU certification for legal use in EU and countries subject to equivalency

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Product Downloads
Dunlop L.D06.C.M (Size: 3.7 MB)
Dunlop installation instructions L.D06.C.M