AL-KO Twin Axle Dunlop Semi-Air Kit with Compressor

AL-KO Twin Axle Dunlop Semi-Air Kit with Compressor

AL-KO Single Axle Dunlop Semi-Air Kit with Compressor

AL-KO Single Axle Dunlop Semi-Air Kit with Compressor

Firestone (was Dunlop) 10+2 Steel Air Spring

Firestone (was Dunlop) 10+2 Steel Air Spring

AL-KO Twin Axle Dunlop Semi-Air Kit with Compressor

Please ensure you do NOT have an ‘up going’ chassis’ as this kit will not fit!

Please see the diagram below in the description for clarification.

Full explanation of AL-KO Air Kits below in Description Tab.

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AL-KO Twin

These kits are designed to fit single rear axle AL-KO Chassis with torsion bar suspension, but please do note, this isn't an independent suspension system, it is to assist the existing suspension.

AL-KO kits are slightly more advanced to fit than the regular chassis kits, however, your local Motorhome Service center or workshop shouldn’t encounter any problems.

We supply compressor inflation options with AL-KO kits to ensure best possible performance and longevity of the air springs to enable you to have the 5 year warranty.

Instruction and fitment guidelines can be found HERE



Vehicle Levelling Simply by varying the air pressure in the springs, the vehicle can be
levelled both front-to-rear and side-to-side. Keeping the vehicle
level optimizes stability, ensures correct headlamp beam distribution
and reduces tyre wear arising from uneven distribution of weight.

Straight Line Stability Straight line stability is greatly increased at higher speeds, and when
subjected to buffeting from cross-winds or large overtaking vehicles.

Reduced Body Roll Body roll when cornering or negotiating roundabouts is significantly

Fatigue Reduction and Wear Compensation Suspension fatigue is reduced, so helping to prevent leaf springs from sagging under repeated or constant loading. Any sagging already present can be compensated for. This is a particular benefit for motorhomes, which are always fully laden.

Ride Comfort Air springs help to absorb shock loads from uneven road surfaces,
therefore general ride quality is much improved.


Warranty All our Dunlop Air Assist kits come with a five-year extended warranty (terms apply) as well as full EU certification for legal use in EU and countries subject to equivalency


Up-going Chassis


Once the order is placed, we will get in touch to discuss which AL-KO chassis you have and which height is suitable for your vehicle. There are 3 generations of kits available, depending on the model/year your vehicle is, then under those years, there are a few variations as seen below.


1. 1994-2002 (X230)

​​-Through Chassis 2cm protrusion

-Underslung Chassis 4cm protrusion


2. 2002-2007 (X244)

- Disc Brakes


3. 2007 to present (X250, X290, X295)

​-Standard Through Chassis 9cm protrusion

​-Extended Through Chassis 14cm protrusion

​-Standard Underslung Chassis 9cm protrusion


Is your axle Through the Chassis or Underslung?

The first image shows an axle THROUGH the chassis, the second is an image of an axle UNDERslung, as you can see, the second axle is supported by a bracket hanging below the chassis, this should be straight forward to determine as it is just a case of having a look under your motorhome.

Finding your Axle Protrusion

The protrusion is how far the Axle protrudes from the chassis to the suspension arm, it should be within a tolerance of 2cm of the measurements above. This only applies to the X250 Chassis to determine if you have a Standard or Extended Axle. The lower left image displays an 'Extended axle' and the upper right image displays a 'Standard axle'.

The last piece of information we require, is your desired drive height.

As a rule of thumb, Dunlop suggest that your rear axle be 8-10cm higher than your front axle after kit installation. This is to give a good vehicle stance that closely resembles factory standard. However, it is up to you to decide what height you want the rear of your vehicle to sit.

The way we decide the driving height, is determined by a measurement from the ground, up to the chassis where the axle penetrates (on through chassis) or up to the chassis at the start of the bracket (on underslung chassis).

To simulate Dunlop's drive height, jack up your rear axle in safe conditions with the correct equipment until your rear axle is 8-10 cm higher than your front one. Once it is, using our measuring method, obtain your chassis to ground measurement.

Once we have this measurement, we can then choose the correct height on the kit to get to your driving height.


We have a 2008 X250 with a Through Extended Axle (14cm).

We are currently sitting at 19cm from the ground to the chassis.

We jacked up the rear axle until it was 8cm higher than the front, we then measured to the ground again and got the figure of 28cm.

This is our Desired Drive Height.

To get our rear axle up to this height, the kit we provide will increase your height to 26-29cm.

This covers our goal of getting to our 28cm Desired Drive Height, this kit is the L.AL.07(B2).




You can see the various different kits below and you can probably work out yourself which specific kit is required, but we are always here to help, and it is always advised you speak to us before hand to ensure you get the correct setup required.



-L.AL.94.STA (Through Chassis, 2cm Protrusion, 23cm Drive height)

-L.AL.94.LOW (Underslung Chassis, 4cm Protrusion, 45cm Drive Height)



-L.AL.02 (Disc Brakes, 8cm Protrusion, 23cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.02(30) (Disc Brakes, 8cm Protrusion, 26cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.02(50) (Disc Brakes, 8cm Protrusion, 28cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.02(80) (Disc Brakes, 8cm Protrusion, 31cm Drive Height)


-L.AL.07(HD) (Through Chassis, 9cm Protrusion, 23cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.07(HD1) (Through Chassis, 9cm Protrusion, 29-31cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.07(B) (Through Chassis, 14cm Protrusion, 23cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.07(B2) (Through Chassis, 14cm Protrusion, 26-29cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.07(B1) (Through Chassis, 14cm Protrusion, 29-31cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.07(C) (Underslung Chassis, 9cm Protrusion, 45cm Drive Height)

-L.AL.07(C1) (Underslung Chassis, 9cm Protrusion, 51-53cm Drive Height)

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